• Jincheng Area, Jinning Industrial Park, Kunming City, Yunnan Province
  • 全国批发代理热线: 400-6716-678
全国批发代理热线: 400-6716-678

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Building waterproof system solution

For more than 20 years, Xincheng waterproof has provided complete waterproof system solutions for civil buildings, commercial buildings, municipal transportation, industrial plants, bridge and tunnel pipe corridors and other large buildings.

From project consultation, material selection, waterproof system design, construction service to after-sales guarantee, the company provides customers with safe and reliable waterproof system solutions.

To provide you with targeted waterproof/coating system solutions

Provide you with targeted waterproof system solutions

  • Building Waterproofing

  • Low Carbon Environmental Protection

  • Energy-saving Insulation

  • Civil Waterproofing

  • Architectural Coatings

  • Building Repair