• Jincheng Area, Jinning Industrial Park, Kunming City, Yunnan Province
  • 全国批发代理热线: 400-6716-678
全国批发代理热线: 400-6716-678

Management Team

Huang Chuanbo

Article Provenance: Popularity:122 Publication Time:2022-03-24

Huang Chuanbo, male, 1979.7, general manager of Guangdong Branch.

Graduated from Hubei Jingzhou Technical School. Ten years of experience in building waterproofing engineering management, rigorous and meticulous work, refined, standardized construction management, and recognized the corporate culture and development strategy of Xincheng. We are willing to work side by side with Xincheng waterproofing, share the same boat with each other and win-win cooperation. Confidence to prop up a flag of Guangdong market.

The classic large-scale projects managed by the industry: Shenzhen Training Bay Center, Nanshan Hospital Renovation, Xi'an Olympic Center, have accumulated a lot of valuable experience and established a good reputation in the process of cooperation with well-known real estate and China Construction Project.